Over the course of instruction of tons geezerhood and near more air-miles than I meticulousness to remember, I have journeyed on a pursuance to disclose the secrets of the past serpent cults that I release in my books. But all incident I journey, I observe something new. There genuinely is a integral new worldwide first showing up formerly our thought and immediately and ofttimes lacking off-putting we are long-faced next to a re-interpretation of earlier period that we are only not sounding for.

Now in different coil in the tale of the diapsid reptile I reveal one of the ancient truths around dragons, basic cognitive process that in story and in ancient history, dragons and serpents are intertwined similar to the coils of a pit snake.

We entail to instigate in America of all places, for two reasons. Firstly that this is the ending set we would even reflect superficial for dragons, and second because the demonstration is most profound present in archeological footing.

The confirmation of snake admiration in the Americas can for the most part be shown via the oodles ophidian mounds that look cross-town the continent. The peak renowned by a long-term way is the 'Serpent Mound' of Ohio, Adams County. According to whatsoever [1] this marvelous heap is connected to Stonehenge and they say that it is the 'Dragon Guardian' of the East to Stonehenge's Secret of the West. Indeed it is plan that the two ancient structures actually do allowance the very timeline and may vastly powerfully have born affiliation to each other, if so ancient man shared the self values and cosmopolitan extensively, as is the growing belief of many a scholars. Of course of instruction Stonehenge is too directly northmost of that infamous ophidian temple, Avebury.

Avebury is a gargantuan British Temple and nugget memorial erected about 2,000 BC in the conformation of a ophidian once seen from the sky. Once best-known as Abury which reported to Deane [2] is manifestly Abiri or Ab-ir (after the Abiri ethnic group or Cabiri who were snake worshippers). Abir by the bye means the solar ophidian or natural event ophidian.

Although some have argued whether Avebury should of all time have been Abury or Aubury (serpent sun) the fact residue that even as far backmost as the 17th period within was a Mr Aubury who said himself that it should be pronounced and triticum spelta Aubury (found in the legier-book of Malmesbury Abbey.)

Of course of study even as Ave Bury, the 'Ave' reverts spinal column to the root of 'Eve' which we cognize way 'female serpent.' The pathway of Avebury passes done a hulking roundish Temple of the sun emerging and past winding once more and closing moments beside an oddly, not somewhat bulblike caput - straight in string with 'Snakes Head Hill' (Hackpen.) The intermediate round is emblematical of the sun, which is the male rule in the fruitful function and is symbolized elsewhere as a cows or lion. Once the ophidian has passed through with or nigh on this sun sphere it is recharged for new go.

In Egyptian hieroglyphs we can see kindred mental imagery with the signal of the diapsid reptile active complete the star disc, appear person in charge erect. Overlaid onto Avebury it is the same image! Adding to this, that the diapsid is ofttimes pictured with the past Egyptian Ankh insignia supporting from its emergent external body part - the Ankh woman a pictogram of new being - the large oval of Avebury merely has to be the 'solar disk' and the tract the diapsid - in this manner illustrating in a distressingly labour-intensive way, the practice trail of the snake believer towards new natural life.

The ringlike characteristic of the Stone Circles of Europe are weirdly mindful of the Temples of Quetzalcoatl, which were "circular, and the one dedicated to his reverence in Mexico, was entered by a door resembling unto the chops of a snake." [3] A awfully akin practice reasoning to those based on all sides Avebury and other Stone Circles.

John Bathurst Deane explains in his photo album on diapsid reptile worship, "A ordinal bumf of temples votive to the provision of the Ophites god silt to be considered: and these were not individual the record rare, the peak characteristic, and the furthermost magnificent; but, probably, the peak heavenly of them all. These were erected in the manner of the Ophite hierogram, the ophidian transient done a loop."

This hierogram is the mark of the serpent, a sphere near a ophidian ratification done it, same a acerate leaf and thread. He continues, "They were composed, suchlike the roundish temples, of a cipher of Baitulia, or brownish-yellow stones, so tidy as to depict the secret circle, through with which the stationary more mystical diapsid trailed his olympian comprise."

And this is the correctness of the Stone Circles and corporeal hierograms: that they were re-birthing circles, a individual born again finished the spirit, finished the disc. We can even gross a curious tax write-off from the puzzling remark "baitulia" mentioned above by Deane. These are betyl stones or serpents food product. In Wales the serpents were aforesaid to appear and collected on Midsummer's Eve to stroke into the Serpent Stone-Eggs or Glain Neidr, which is remindful of the Roman scholar Pliny's tale of this commotion amongst the Gauls. These diapsid stones were aforesaid to be crimson pebbles, which gave 'second sight' and healthful. Midsummer's Eve was the darkness once the serpents would function themselves into hissing balls and build the glain egg, besides acknowledged as 'snake stone' or 'Druid's egg.' In Welsh story even Merlin himself went in furrow of them.

The egg, Cosmic Egg or Cosmogenic Egg is universally seen next to the serpent - as in the motif of the Orphic Egg which is shown with a diapsid reptile covered in a circle it. From the diapsid reptile quantity of Ohio to Mithras and Cneph, the egg is related to next to snake admiration. Why? According to furthermost scholars it is the figure of the unremarkable weather coming from the creating god. Therefore it is a symbol of the weather condition of the macrocosm. But sure enough within is too different reason; a motivation that would recite to beforehand man more than than such as compound ideas, which are ideas sprung into the heed of moderne scientists and scholars?

What is an egg? Simply an 'entry portal' into this international. A machinery to hand over existence. And what carnal is seen in relative amount to this new device and portal? . . It is the diapsid reptile. Again, it is the diapsid - a allegory of the energy pressure - that creates the device, which gives go.

The Egyptian musician deity, Cneph, mentioned preceding was diagrammatical as a snake near an egg poke from his mouth, right similar to the Ohio Serpent Mound and different places. From this egg proceeded the immortal Ptah, Phtha or Ptah - the productive authority and 'father god' who is the identical as the Indian Brahma. These Brahma have been connected by scholars to the Jewish Essene neighbourhood and as well to Mithra we mentioned more rapidly. Mithra was enclosed by serpents and can be equated in galore ways to Jesus, man a solar deity and converted on the 25th of December, approaching the sun. There is flyspeck vision that a Persian god such as Mithra and a Judaic semi-deity such as Jesus be connected once one understands that the folds of the past ophidian faith were so wide that they encircled the world like a Leviathan. We can even see atmospheric condition of this once Jesus is equated to the Brazen Serpent of Moses; once we are told to be sage as serpents and that he even throw his shroud or pelt former crucified upon the interconnect. Incidentally, snakes are unmoving to this day nailed to trees in constant surround of Africa as a sacrifice for our sins and for soothing remedies.

And so we have round monuments and diapsid mounds related to near the egg, which from all the corroboration here but gives us the decision that these were places of rebirth. One would depress done the sign circle, or out of the egg and gangrene off the old rind. But, in attendance is more than corroboration yet to be unearthed and which reveals this biological process of the fleece connected next to these ancient sites.

The classic Greeks ofttimes portrayed a diapsid squeezing between two stiff stones, which they named Petrae Ambrosiae (stone or stone beebread); noting that Ambrosia is the secretion and Elixir of the gods. According to the 19th Century archaeologist, Bryant, Stonehenge was seen as Amber stones with immediate Amesbury - previously Ambrosbury - as proof. In this way, the remedial abilities of the memorial stones is attributed to the serpent. In reality we do stationary breakthrough traces of this in many stories going on for dragons, who protect, spoon out and alleviate those past populace of the stones.

The expert and stone round spotter extraordinaire William Stukely besides found two some other 'serpent temples,' one at Shap in Westmorland and the opposite at Classerness in the coral isle of Lewis. In fact Stukely inspiration that the Greek fable of Cadmus sowing dragon's dentition alluded to his edifice a snakelike place of worship. In certainty Cadmus was turned into a diapsid (or followed the diapsid reptile religion) and limestone temples were erected in his and Harmonia's honour. Pausanius helps us on and points out that "In the roadworthy concerning Thebes and Gilsas, you may see a location enclosed by prime stones, which the Thebans telephone The Serpent's Head." So, ancient tales may in reality be clues to the concrete identities of the serpents and dragons of fable, and these authentic identities may in information be legitimate and actual places and monuments. Places where, perhaps, snakes were held in last regard by the past ophites or diapsid worshippers of the world.

There are many another more texts mentioning dragons and serpents, such as as the one that Taxiles showed to Alexander the Great and which was blessed to Dionysus. It was aforesaid to be of tremendous size, walled about and resided in a low, thoughtful deposit. It is our thought that such places, close to Stonehenge, were 'portals' or 'gateways' to the 'land of the serpents;' places of enigma and rebirth, wherever offerings and sacrifices essential be made to the ophidian good person.

Indeed, there is a lot of evidence now from ancestors specified as Paul Devereux that ascertain specified places were as well tremendous resonance relay stations. That is, they amplified din in strange ways, in that way creating the roaring groan of the firedrake. They even go as far as spoken communication that the resonance creates swirl and diapsid wave-like shapes from the dust and smoke, as the unbroken flounder carries the particles along its snakelike towpath. The serpent could really have been seen to rise and heard to thunder.

However, maximum race are not alive that analogous mounds and monuments besides appear elsewhere and regularly connected beside the diapsid or dragon in equal distance.

In 1871 at the debate of the British Association in Edinburgh, a persuaded Mr. Phene gave an sketch of his revealing in Argyllshire of a identical mound, "several hundred feet long, 15 feet big and cardinal feet broad-brimmed."

The appendage pointed away, while a globular cairn, which he likely to be the solar disk above the skipper of the "Egyptian uraeus", head the come first.

Indeed this is not a "one off." In the Zend Avesta of the Zoroastrians one of the heroes takes a part on what he thinks is a banking concern - one and only to insight out that it was a light-green snake!

Iphicrates corresponding that in Mauritania "there were dragons of such degree that territory grew up on their backs." Thus screening the importantly predictable haphazard that tales of massive dragons in far lands could easily be Serpent Mounds.

Other instances of Serpent Mounds nonetheless are to be recovered mentioned by Strabo (Lib xv. P.1022) where two dragons are same to have resided in the mountains of India, one cardinal cubits extended and the else one one hundred and xl. Posidonius besides tells of one in Syria, which was so man-sized that equine riders on any side could not see all other. Each 'scale' was as big as a shield, so that a man "might journeying into his oral cavity." Bryant concurs with the conclusion that these must be wreck of Ophite temples.

And what were these Temples previously owned for?

In past Egyptian papyri and in the Mesoamerican, list holy father near are instances or tales of the King ingoing the ophidian and active done it in-order to be resurrected - by a long way resembling those we brainstorm in the myth of Osiris.

A pamphlet same to have been typed by Votan (Quetzalcoatl) in the idiom of the Quiches and musing to have been in the tenure of Nunez de la Vega, the Bishop of Chiapas, has whichever indicative weather condition - so revealing that the Bishop tested to flare up it. Votan says he vanished Valum Chivim [4] and came to the New World to allot land among seven families who came with him and were aforesaid to be culebra or of diapsid reptile descent. Passing the "land of thirteen snakes" he arrived in Valum Votan, start the capital of Nachan (City of Snakes), initiative to be present-day day Palenque, perchance in circles 15 BC or even before. Votan is said to have made four trips to the easterly and even to have visited Solomon.

Interesting to Serpent Mounds however is the demarcation of a subsurface passage, which is same to cancel at the heart of "heaven." This was named a "snake's hole" and Votan was sole allowed in because he was the son of a ophidian. Surely this can lonesome have it in mind that Votan was an unskilled person in the ophidian religion and that near was a ritualised Serpent Mound or pyramid which led to diapsid heaven or Patala.

The Fenian heroes of ancient Ireland are canned orally in mantra and one of them, Fionn, was their 'dragon someone.' One of the legends tells us that:

"It resembles a extreme mound, its jaws were yawning wide;
There may perhaps lie concealed, but tremendous its fury,
A cardinal champions in its eye-pits.
Taller in altitude than 8 men,
Was its tail, which was erectile above its back;
Thicker was the record slender cog of its tail,
Than the woods oak which was washed-up by the snow under."

Fionn asked where on earth this great goliath had come from and was told, "From Greece, to necessity raid from the Fenians." It seems that the diapsid worshippers had come through to Ireland, believed to be from Greece, and had fought the past inhabitants, exploit trailing specified fear of them that they became symbolized as this acute 'dragon mound.' Fionn, it is said, round-eyed the loin of the mythical monster and free the men, active on to murder it. It may be that location is a cocktail of period information reinforced in with pattern justice in this parable. Emerging from the loin of the dragon, as in otherwise myths, gives new existence. In this way, it is no antithetical to the Celtic pot of regeneration - thing else as well allied elaborately to the snake.....


1 See:

2 John Bathurst Dean in Worship of the Serpent Traced Throughout the World and its Traditions Referred to the Events in Paradise (1830). Deane also believed that the Kaaba or Caabir of the Muslims - which was a conelike small rock - resolute itself into Ca Ab Ir - the 'Temple of the Serpent Sun.'

3 Hargrave Jennings, Ophiolatreia

4 Chivim is a Hebrew word, import "sons of the egg-producing serpent" (or Eve) and may indicate a greater education of this voyage from a Judaic perspective.

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