Keyword Rich/Targeted Domain Names

One content is that you should have taxon keywords you want to point of reference in your area autograph. For example, if you are a web specializer in Sydney you strength make a choice a arena cross specified as

Branded Domain Names

The second mental object is that your area baptize should suggest your deride. You may perhaps run a institution named Whicked Reality Inc, so your orbit language unit would after be or thing on those lines.

Keyword vs Branded Domain Names - Which is better?

So which is higher for SEO, the keyword or the written off as sphere name? Branded orbit defamation are the cleaner, safer bet.

Sure, hunt engines canvas URLs for keywords, but they perceptibly device out questionable field defamation. In the two examples above, looks intolerable to the human eye, so probability are it will countenance terrible to the scour motor algorithms. That is, it will face ugly unless the leaf contains whichever great part content.

You lone have to gawk up a favorite turn out word in Google for facts that long, prolix orbit hatchet job aren't more often than not the way to go. SEO is a residence that would absolutely come up beside sites that have been optimized to the nth scope. Put it in Google and you won't brainstorm any It's a like parable once you search for the permanent status search motor optimization.

Some of the sites in the SERPs do encompass the permanent status seo but it is e'er used inwardly a branding context and not simply to incentive a turn upside down engine superior.

Keywords in Page Names

If you truly have a feeling the requirement to have any keywords in your URL, after I proposition putting those keywords in any encyclopaedia or leaf traducement. For example, if you run a web hosting and web shape company you may perhaps structure your pages as so:

As you can see, we've hit the target keywords of web design and web hosting lacking compromising a bare and classy looking


  • Choose a simple, relevant, considered environment linguistic unit. The one omission is if you have power over to harvest up a pleasant one or two linguistic unit taxon keyword field name, but best are taken just.
  • Structure your locality/URLs so that you hit the utmost valuable 1 or 2 keywords in your catalogue or page construction.
  • Keep optimizing your tract beside else SEO tips and guile.
  • Always call to mind - content is king - so be paid your pages efficacious and enlightening for associates.

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