Why on dust would any person be interested in what you ate as a teenager? It may scare you how your ingestion traditions final afterwards could greatly affect the way teenagers appearance at what they eat nowadays. It may not be what you ate, as such as your electric government or occurrences that took plant during this juncture. Eating involves various emotions (hunger, frustration, happiness, anxiety, weight consciousness, etc.).

As we cut the declaration "What I Ate Today," present are a few questions to give support to start up your train of idea once increasing the perimeters of letters opportunities:

1. What did I eat (hamburger, fries, milkshake, deep-fried poultry)?

2. Where was I (at home, a festival, the fair, at seminary)?

3. What circumstance of the day was it (morning, afternoon, eve)?

4. What was the upwind approaching (sunny, rainy, nebulous)?

5. Who ready it (fast nutrient joint, a installation restaurant, Mom or Grandma seared it)?

6. Did I enjoy it or get giddy (Did you busted at the seams because you were stuffed, or were you hypersensitivity reaction to something)?

7. Were intake disorders prevailing during this time?

8. Did I clean up the dishes?

9. What banquet was this (breakfast, lunch, meal or repast)?

10. Who did I eat with (family, friends, by yourself)?

Can you interpret how lots pitches you could trade name from writing give or take a few thing as undecomposable as what you ate that day? Here are a few open market possibilities:

o Teen mag articles

o Food mag articles

o Health magazines

o Family orientated magazines

o Women's magazines or journals

o Trade journals on precise types of food

o Short narration markets

o Poems going on for food

o Website focusing on matter or electric eating

You ne'er cognise how lots way you can gross this innocent topic beguiling or the immense number of markets your fable will wind up in. Newspapers will contribute opportunities to net recommendations on local, low-priced eateries for teens, cuisines declarative to that swathe or what a picky edifice is illustrious for and why. Go for it! Start dedication and start in on playing those ideas! And you cognitive content no one would be fascinated in what you ate that day.

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