I standard this for Christmastime this period of time. What a accessible small-scale contrivance.
The NB-3L is the invisible far-flung for Nikon cameras that support far-off mechanical device unshackle. It lets you click the mechanical device from a aloofness.
Why would you entail this? Healthy for a few reasons. Situationsability wherever you poverty each one to be in the envisage (no one has to step out to take the exposure) and situationsability where on earth you don't poverty to wring the mechanical device yourself because it will cause movement of the photographic equipment and "camera shake" in your photos.
The "prevent photographic camera shake" use is as follows. The light is dim and you obligation to be as stabile as possible, so you set the photographic equipment on a table, banister, rock, or any. Regrettably you still want to constrict the mechanical device down and you can circumstantially "jar" the photographic camera and do the logo ot representation. If you have the ready to hand miniature out-of-the-way you just use it. You can even have your custody honourable centimetersability distant if the photographic camera is alert precariously and you presume it will drip.

Size Matters

This item is smallish. It is extraordinarily narrow and looks like one of those items you will suffer in going on for two seconds. Fortunately, it comes near a littler textile sack that can rope to your body part belt so you have cushy right and will ever be tempted to put the faraway spinal column in the compartment instead of in your small bag.


The lonely sole has one knob which controls the mechanical device. You need to go into the settings of your photographic camera and set it to be obsessed by the distant. For the Nikon D70s, this is the identical settings options wherever you transfer between "single shot" or "continuous shooting". You can prize "remote shooting" as very well. One galling situation I saved is that if the photographic camera goes into "power saving" style after 15 seconds that it defaults rear to mechanical device holdfast manner so the distant doesn't donkey work any longer. I'm certain you can shift this, but I have yet to find it yet. If you cognise how, suit forward a remark.
There is besides a timepiece distant choice so that you can lever the timekeeper next to the lonely. Slap-up for situationsability where on earth you would be a bit hurried to sneaky rearward into the pic after urgent the mechanical device.

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I'm not convinced the strict compass. They maintain it is 16.4 feet, but I triggered it from 30 feet distant no conundrum once I early got it. Possibly this was because it was a new artillery unit. You conscionable have to prickle the article straight-faced at the photographic camera then again. I found within wasn't overmuch mercy if you were peaked elsewhere.


It comes near one of those runty metal ion CR2025 batteriesability. The thready liberal that goes in watches and such.

To Get It Working

Basically nothing. Bring the integrative artillery unit lookout out of the cut off. Past set your photographic equipment to Remote propulsion property and clap distant.

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Final Verdict

I would advocate this for anyone. It is more of a gizmo and practical for those odd-ballability shots, but for the terms (less than $25 Canadian) you can't truly pace the inventiveness of it.

If you are interested in another picture taking articles, indulge keep an eye on out .

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